MI Energy, Water, and Environmental Systems (MI-EWES)


Strategic Planning

  • Energy Security, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Global Climate control, Carbon Sequestering

Conventional Fuels

  • Gas Production, Processing, Transmission, and Distribution;  Oil Production, Transportation, Refining, Storage, and Distribution, and Coal Cleaning and Gasification

Green/Renewable Energy

  • Solar,  Wind, Geothermal, and Biomass

Power Generation

  • Thermal (Gas, OIl, and Coal); Cogeneration; Distributed Generation; Solar/Wind/Solid-Wastes-to Power; and Smart Micro-Grids.


  • Strategic Planning and Conservation
  • Surface Water (Lake and River) Treatment for Potable Service
  • Desalination of Seawater for Municipal Distribution
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reuse


  • Multi-Media (Air/Water/Hazardous Wastes) Pollution Prevention
  • Environmental Assessment and Strategic Planning for Regulatory Compliance
  • Remedial Design and Implementation
  • Toxic & Hazardous Wastes Management and Tracking
  • Environmental Health and Risk Management
  • Emissions Monitoring and Verification

Facility Engineering and Management

  • Engineering, Design, Installation, & Testing, and Project Management & Control

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