MARTECH has completed assignments/projects for or on behalf of the following organizations.

Government Agencies:

California Air Resources Board

California Energy Commission

City of Los Angeles, Depart. of Water & Power

US Agency for International Development

US Agency for International Development/WEC

US Army Corps of Engineers

US Asia Environmental Partnership

U.S. Department of Agriculture

US Department of Homeland Security

U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

US Export-Import Bank

US General Services Administration

US Navy

US Trade and Development Agency

U.S. Defense Contractors:

Hughes Aerospace Company

United Technologies

Oil, Gas and Coal:

Arco Alaska, Inc.

Arco Products, Inc.

Arco Western Pipeline

Burns & Roe Pacific Company

Gatx Terminals

H&J Energy

Mobil Oil Company

Navajo Refining Company

Petroleum Recycling Corporation

Southern California Gas Company

Tesoro Refinery in Alaska

Texaco Refining and Marketing

THUMS Long Beach Company

Torch Operating Company

Tosco Refining Company

Ultramar, Inc.

Unocal Oil & Gas Production

Unocal Refining Product

Power and Renewable Energy:

Allegheny Power

Arco Alaska, Inc.

CalEnergy Operating Corp (Geothermal)

Electricity Providers, Inc.

Burns & Roe Pacific Company

Cabazon Band of Mission Indians

Carnot/Central Hudson Gas and Electric

Central Plants

City of Los Angeles /Dept of Water & Power

KJCOC Solar Power Plant

Minnesota Power Company

Mojave Solar Power Plant

Pacific Energy Corporation

Parkview Community Hospital

Southern California Edison Company

Trademark Plastics

Syracuse University Cogeneration Plant

Construction Companies:

Becon Construction Company

McCarthy Construction Company


Imperial West Chemicals

BP Chemicals

Campbell Soup Supply Company

3M Company

Unocal Chemicals

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