Corporate Background and Profile

Mr. Robert Grettum, P.E. and Dr. Hebab Quazi, P.E. co-founded MARTECH International, Inc. in 1980 in the State of New Jersey.  Both were systems engineers who developed logic diagrams, math models, simulations, and computer software for optimized solutions for energy industries and command and control systems in the US and in Europe.


In 1989, MARTECH Main Offices moved to California. Currently, MARTECH Main Office is in Houston, Texas.  MARTECH plans to open offices in Washington DC area.  In the past, MARTECH had project/marketing offices in Northern California, Alaska, Bangladesh, China, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.


For over 20 years, MARTECH has been providing services throughout the US and overseas. Certain MARTECH employees and consultants have higher degrees (MS and PhD) and a large number of them have State Licenses in their own areas of expertise. Some of them had US DoD/US DHS Security Clearances


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