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MARTECH has been providing technology and management solutions to the government and private organizations for over 20 years. MARTECH develops innovative and/or optimized solutions for clients with unique and/or complex challenges. During late 1990’s, MARTECH was selected in an independent multi-client study as one of the top three US small/mid-size technology companies.

MI-Energy, Water, and Environmental Systems (MI-EWES)

  • Oil, Gas, and Coal
  • Power Generation and Distribution Network Security
  • Renewable/Green Energy (Solar, Wind, Biomass, & Geothermal)
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment and Water Resource Management
  • Environment, Health, Safety, and Security

MI-Defense & Security Systems (MI-DSS)

  • Research & Development and Prototyping & Commercialization;
  • Modeling, Simulation, Optimization, and Decision Support;
  • Engineering, System Engineering, and Process Engineering;
  • System Design, Integration, and Customer Support;
  • Critical Assets Tracking, Management, and Control;
  • Supply Chain Logistics, Security, and Sustainability
  • Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery;
  • Vulnerability Analysis of Infrastructures & Facilities;

Nanotechnology Assessment,  Product Development & Application

MARTECH US Navy SeaPort-e MAC Contract

Customer Satisfaction POC: Dr. Hebab A. Quazi, P.E.,

Phone: 832 269 2043; 951 200 3016

e-mail: quazi@martech-international.com


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